Please add formatting:
1: day / month
2: Day of week / day / month

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I also ask you to send me a file describing the Russian language by email, the translation of the name of the months and some other terms needs to be corrected due to the introduction of new functions!

Explanation, I would like to be able to see the date in this format:


Ok, will add to next release.

I also ask you to send me a file with a description of the Russian language by e-mail, the translation of the name of the months and some other terms needs correction due to the introduction of new features!

Thanks for the new formatting, this is what you need. but still it looks a little ridiculous due to the translation into Russian. I have been asking for a fix for a long time. I can do that. don’t understand why you are ignoring?

Frankly, last time you edited the Russian translations we got a lot of complaints of it being wrong.

OK. I admit I was wrong. In some translations I used slang because I was trying to save the number of characters, but you yourself asked to keep the names as simple as possible. But do you have a current one who is doing the right thing, Andrei Zakharov? Let him fix it. After all, a lot has already changed in the application.
You can correct the names of the months yourself … Sorry, change the last letter of all months from “ь” to “я”

The localized month names are also used elsewhere, so changing those would probably break something else.

what about just seconds? trying to make clock gauge and need seconds “needle”, is it possible to use gauge match from local time input? how?

Add a clock gauge and remove images from hour and minute needles.

Nice trick, I need to operate seconds scale in one project, want to make a custom clock in realdash. Running engine time in sec is working but its not local time connected data, also tried to “trim” hour format but with no luck

will try that

tried with no success, so I think new functionality will be needed to get it working, divided local time input for HH MM and SS or ability to get only HH or MM or SS from local time input, was trying tu put some “math” in the proper field but its not working too for now