Formula and parameters in XML


1- How to write the unsigned
parameter? I know the signed parameter is Signed=“true”.

2- Endianness=“big” i found it followed by signed=“true” in most of your xml files, is it a must?

3- i have a bit normally it is 1 and turn to 0 when press the button, is Realdash will consider it as change in the bit status and turn ON the indicator if it become 0? Please advise.

4- I found parameters Gear and Selector Gear in target ID, what is the purpose for each one?

5- i linked between my gearbox and Realdash Gear target ID and it reads fine after following your steps in one of your reply with another member, Now i noticed that text gauge is fluctating between N and D very fast, but when i open the CAN monitor the data are Fixed! Is there a timer can be used here or to add equation in Realdash as( X is bigger than Y but smaller than Z)?

6- what is the different between bit shift V>> and (bitstart and bitlength)?

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  1. all values are handled as unsigned by default.
  2. Endianess is handled as small by default
  3. You can make the indicators work another way around, but they would then be specific to your. Consider switching the bit another way in sending end.
  4. Current gear and gear selector position
  5. Don’t understand the question
  6. They do the same thing with different notation.

Perhaps you have a conflict between your data and the logic of the application.
for example, you send “D”, but according to the logic of RealDash, it runs “N”, and there is a switch in fast mode from two sources.

Thanks for your support, regarding question #5, i solved the issue. The gear gauge was reading the value of the byte in two format ( value & text ) in the same time, for example if the value is 9 i made a trigger for text gauge to read N.

I solve it by edit>gear value(the required gauge)>Look N feel> Font & text>static text.

RealDash 1.7.7 has support to use ‘enum’ parameter in XML for easier display of text-per-value. See the announcement for 1.7.7 release for more info. We will update the GitHub examples too for this information.