Forza Motorsport (2023) support

Just wondering if you will add Forza Motorsport as a supported racing simulator option. They changed the packet size from Forza 7 / Horizon 5. It includes 3 additional values that didn’t exist before. I dont know what the values are related to. I’m assuming that is why RealDash does not work with this game though.

Any chance of updating RealDash? Even if it is just discarding the 3 new values, I’d appreciate it. I love this app as my dashboard.

Sure, I can update the Forza Motorsport support. Do you have a link to data package description or info about the packet change?

There’s a discussion happening here. I don’t think they have said what those values are for.

Sorry I meant to include this one as well. There’s been no official posts about it. Looks like 6 new values, 4 are tire wear and two unknowns.

I got it. FM8 support will be in next release.

This is awesome, thank you so much!

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