FPS " Strange behavior of the scale sensor"

Strange behavior of the arc gauge sensor.
I was testing how much I can load my video processor, and I noticed one strange pattern.
I will attach the.rd file for ease of understanding.
If you pull the slider more than the middle, then the FPS drops sharply( if you have a powerful computer, just copy more sensors to see…
I’m inclined to the fact that a large number of pixels appear on the screen or what? Can you explain why up to half of the FPS scale does not sink, and after half it sinks immediately strongly?

FPS TEST.rd (75 KB)

I don’t see any other reason than having a lot of transparent pixels rendered on top of each other. Typical mobile GPU can push a lot of opaque triangles to the screen, but will struggle with lot of transparency.

Thank you, I will take this into account in my projects.

And yet something does not quite match your words. If the GPU is busy building translucency, then how to explain the absolutely black scale indicators, they are multiplied, they are not transparent, they are completely black! In other words, it should be easy for the processor.
But FPS is still falling rapidly in the second half of the scale.
Perhaps you mean that the application uses transparency to show part of the scale, and because of this, the processor is straining?
It turns out that it does not matter what image will be on the sensor, it will still initially devour processor resources?

TEST FPS.rd (149 KB)

Drawing pixels, not matter what color always takes cycles.

I’m not seeing any widespread graphics performance problem on RealDash, so I’d rather concentrate on fixing something else.