We can add the output of the FPS value.
My 6 year old son asks me to play Minecraft with him)))) and I see how this application displays FPS on the screen. my son’s phone without a ROOT.

I thought that it would not be superfluous to know FPS when creating a skin.

Its already there, see calculated values.

thank. now a lot has cleared up. Now I can start from something and follow the work.
here are the first tests

and this is Adreno 512, I’m afraid to imagine what will happen on t820 :slight_smile:

:astonished: :open_mouth: :frowning: mom dear
this is Khadas vim 2 on t 820 mp3
work and work

FPS 29-30

Hooray. I found a problem. thanks FPS.
the fact is that the whole trick of my skin is to use not square scales, but elongated in height.
and so the FPS drops very much due to non-square arrow indicators.
as soon as I returned the arrows to the square Fps = 60.
I’m unsure how much this is a malfunction, but I found it. to eliminate or not is up to you.
in any case - a victory. smoothness achieved. It’s not about the hardware and the size of the images.

Yes, drawing ‘out of aspect’ indicators (needles, arc indicator) is a lot heavier operation than keeping the original aspect. It is not a bug, as drawing pipeline is heavily optimized to draw them aspect correct.

Now it’s clear why you call an ultra-wide hack-curve solution.
because the ultra-wide extends 1.5 times everything and even the needles.
when Ultrashirok is turned on, on any panel, even on the simplest, FPS will drop to low 30-40 frames per second.
because the needles will not be square.

I would like you to clarify the main points that can affect the deterioration of personnel, and, in fact, the loss of productivity?
we found out a few of them:

  1. If the image stretches / compresses RealDash. (The best choice is PixelPerfect)
  2. If the needles and scales are not square

    what else can weaken the frames?
    may be:
    Font compression?
    Font size, maybe squares are better too?
    Animation? (How does Animation work? Once when a trigger changes? Or is it constantly monitoring changes?)
    What is processed in RealDash easier than JPEG or PNG?
    Could there be other tips for image size or placement?

any comment on a previous post?
Recommend life hacks …

Your point 2 is the worst one and should be avoided. Others are just a matter of amount of transparent/semitransparent pixels.

PNG/JPG does not really matter in resources point of view. PNG is a lossless format and supports alpha. JPG should only be used in backgrounds/photo-style image.