Fuel consumption calculations

There are multiple algorithms that are used to calculate fuel consumption based on what sensors send data to RealDash:

  • If injector pulse widths are present, consumption is calculated based to injector size, cylinder count, using average injector dead time with battery voltage correction. This is the most precise way of calculating fuel consumption.
  • Next, if MAF sensor is present, consumption is calculated from MAF and set engine VE, size, and AFR. If AFR is not available, the stoichiometric value is used.
  • Next, if MAP sensor is present, the MAF g/sec value is calculated by using either real IAT reading or approximate if IAT is not present. Also, settings of engine VE and size is used. Then this calculated MAF is set to MAF input, so you will see MAF value without MAF sensor. Lastly consumption is calculated with same MAF formula as with real MAF sensor.

Exceptions to calculations are:

  • If Enginebits Fuel Cut is 1, consumption is set to 0
  • If TPS is available from the vehicle and consumption is not based on injector pulse widths, consumption is set to 0 if TPS is below 1% and speed is greater than 20kph

The consumption calculations give value of ‘litres per second’, which is simply used to update all the rest calculated values that depend on consumption.