Fuel Consumption Correction Factor not working correctly

I have tried a few different ways to try and make the trip accurate, via Injector Pulse Width, and now using a calculated channel from the Haltech which outputs Fuel Flow to target id 490 but the Trip average fuel used still doesn’t match what I put in at the pump/kms.
I think the issue is with the Fuel Consumption Correction Factor not working correctly as it only effects the instantaneous fuel and not the Trip averages.
To test this I put 3 as the correction factor, and while cruising the instantaneous fuel increased (like it should) to 25-30lt/100kms, but the Trip’s were still ~9lt/100kms

I am using a Haltech ECU with a custom XML, Version 2.35 of the software (but I believe it was doing this before this software version.) on an Android head unit. but I don’t believe it would be unique to my combination.

Thank you in advance.

Yes, you are right. If fuel consumption comes from Fuel Flow (ID490), the correction factor is not applied to the Trips.

Will fix for next release.