Fuel Consumption Units

I just found out that the cycle of fuel consumption units in the “Units & Values” stops at “L/100km”. I think the app does not recognize the “L/100km” because the liters is capitalized.
I need to manually change the L/100km to l/100km

l/100km > km/l > mpg > Wh/km > Wh/mi > L/100km (and the cycle just stops but the text value works just fine)

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Thanks for reporting! Found and fixed for next release.

Thanks :pray: mate. I would prefer displaying “L/100km” and “km/L” instead of “l/100km” and “km/l” respectively.

Currently it works in a way that the original case is preserved. So if you write 'L/100KM", all other units will also attempt to be in upper case.