Fuel level

I am mapping the fuel level to read the actual level in the tank and it reads very well. Now every time i disconnect or shutdown the program it reads zero and increase very slow to reach to normal value.

I made the value smoothing to be 99.99% for the fuel level value.

How can i solve that?


clear at start-clear this flag

Hi, Can you please explain more?

Clear the flag at the indicated point.


Please see link below with video.


It didn’t work with value smoothing 99.99%. so i reduced the value smoothing to read 99.4.

Now it is much better but the level is a little bit moving when pressing a hard brake.


this is all that can be done in this case.
although I myself understand that the testimony is a little hesitant, even with me.
but I let this story go, it’s not even visible.))))))