Fuel Reset/Fillup Help

What would be the best way to set fuel to max, besides clicking on the top, then hitting the gear, then pressing Fuel Amount?

I’d like to have a button on the main page do this to make it easier to reset on filling up the tank. (Actually, I’ll add the action to the same button I made that resets Trip A, as I always use Trip A for current tank, and Trip B for current trip.)

Android Version 1.6.2 Beta

In 1.6.2 you can use ‘Set Value’ action to set calcucated fuel level. This way you can attach this action to a button and set the fuel level.

Can you please tell how and where to set these values like by pressing the fuel icon.

Found it. It seems that the value is set in percentige and not the actual amount. Now this works fine for me.
As an old atari programmer in the 70" i have so many problemms in understanding the codings these programms. :confused: