FuelLevel Smotting

Dear Jani! I ask you to disable smoothing for the id value = 201 fuel level in the trigeu. When refueling dramatically changes the level of fuel in the tank, but on the panel it crawls long. When the car is in motion, let it be smotting, but if the car is inapported from the spot the smoothing should be small. I ask about this simple thing already has already found a long time for just only the meaning. Is it really possible to come up with anything?

I will take a look if I can come up with something. Sorry if you have requested this a long time ago. Sometimes I have trouble understanding the translations and usually forget afterwards.

I hope this time you understand me, no problem))), since it is really difficult to express a thought correctly through several translators. Therefore, every time I try to explain more clearly than before.

This is included in 1.8.0-BETA2 release. The ‘Body Electronics->Fuel Level’ input has special internal averaging filtering to prevent the level ‘bouncing’ while driving. With needle gauge, we got best results by having gauge smoothing set to 99.9%. Please go ahead and experiment if this is an improvement.

I’ll check, thanks. For OBD II: FUEL LEVEL this should work too?
I just don’t remember why I stopped at OBD II: FUEL LEVEL, possibly related to calculations of the distance to refueling.
Please confirm if BODY ELECTRONICS: Fuel level is also involved in calculating the distance to refueling?
Perhaps I need to go to her.
Or add adaptive smooting for OBD II: FUEL LEVEL.

All! Remembered! I compared OBD FUEL LEVEL and Body Fuel Level in the settings! and forgot about it))))))

Everything works on 99.9 no questions asked! fine!