Full version question

I have purchased the full version for Windows and created my gauges. Do I need to purchase the full Android version in order to use these gauges on my Android device ?

Yes, the purchases from Microsoft do not work on Google or Apple products. This is strictly forbidden on each store rules (cross selling). If we would give you free product on Google when you have paid it to Microsoft, Google would kick us out of their store, and vice versa. I hope you understand that this is out of our hands.

You may want to consider making a purchase from My RealDash (my.realdash.net). The subscription there gives you access to all full version features, all premium dashboards and offers unique features like file sync. My RealDash subscription can also be used on all supported platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux).

Okay thanks, no problem. I wiil purchase from my.realdash.net.

How do I activate my paid for version on a new Android device please ? When I install the app from Play Store It asks to make a store purchase.

Use same Google account as with your purchases, open RealDash and go to ‘Settings->Other->Restore Purchases’

Thank you !