G4X connectivity ?


Anyone could connect to G4X ?
I’ve got a JZX100X Plug and play Ecu and I’d like to wire with a bluetooth adapter and send data this way

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I think Link removed the short and long serial datastreams from G4X. Only way to connect is using direct CAN with supported adapter:

The CAN description XML file for Link (default settings) is already bundled in RealDash.

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Ah yes indeed that was my plan, but as I read there were connectivity issues with link g4x I thought maybe even can wouldn’t work.

I still need my USB cable to tune anyway so that wouldn’t have been convenient any other way than can.

Do you know any bluetooth adapters that work directly with {+12v ; gnd ; canhi ; canlo } ?
I’ve explored the connectors, but the hardwire alternatives seem to go through USB. Am I forced to go through the OBD2 one and get a CAN to ODB2 adapter ?

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OBDLink MX Bluetooth adapter can be used as direct CAN reader. It is not as fast as other supported USB adapters, but in case of only one ECU on CAN bus should do a good job of reading CAN data from the ECU.

To use OBD2 adapter as CAN adapter, you need to purchase a male OBD2 connector and pigtail, and connect:

  • Pins 4 and 5 to ground
  • Pin 6, CAN H
  • Pin 14, CAN L
  • Pin 16, Ign on +12V


I am also running a G4X. I bought the CAN harness add on from link, plugged into CAN1 on ECU. It’s wired to Dashbox. I can confirm it’s working great streaming the bluetooth signal to my Android tablet. The .xml file provided with Realdash is a good starting point, but you should really create your own user streams and write your own .xml for your particular setup. For example, LinkECU will only send data over CAN in metric values. If you prefer imperial like me, you can write the conversion in the .xml and it comes out correct on Realdash.

Also, I think the default .xml was specifically written for G4+. It uses a lot of offsets that aren’t necessary with G4X because they added the ability transmit “signed” values. You designate this on the stream setup on link and write it to the .xml properly, and you have negative values without an offset. Hope this helps.

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Were you able to figure out how to transmit a CAN aux to trigger an indicator on Realdash? I’m having trouble figuring that out as I can’t put any of the CAN Aux status/Duty/frequency into the frame settings

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