G4X Monsoon Connection

I am trying to connect RealDash to my G4X Monsoon. I am aware that I need a CAN Analyzer which I already have. When connecting everything to the ECU and going into RealDash, I get nothing. Also, under CAN monitor, I keep getting “time out”. Is there any specific guidance on what settings I should use to set this up? If you have any information about the settings for the stream in the ECU, RealDash settings and the CAN Analyzer settings, this would be greatly appreciated.

Have you checked official manual?

And you can use video from Link Ecu forum

also you can get files from same topic.

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I literally did everything mentioned there, but the can monitor is still giving the same message “Timeout/Connecting”. Also when accessing the dashboard, the adapter keeps trying to connect, but also no success. Anyone has any idea on how to fix this?

If you are using Seedstudio style CAN analyzer, please check the correct baud rate for the connection. Instructions here:

RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters

You may also need to enable the CAN output from Link ECU tuning software.