Games on the couch with RPM and speed!

Strange things guys! I probably played very hard, and I am missing something !!!
Here’s the thing! I am currently checking my test XML for RealDash CAN, on my home PC.
to simulate a CAN flow, I am using a device capable of sending CAN-FRAMES.
I know the addresses and my XML is configured correctly.
I get and see on the panel all values ​​without exception (cooling temperature, low beam, gear, turns, doors …) it’s all there!
But I can’t get RPM and SPEED output.
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This is terrible! ))) Down the drain all day!
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I have a strong assumption that RD does not see any parameter or value, and does not include RPM and SPEED on purpose … to spite me))))
… I’ll try to add battery voltage!

Yes! I found! This was due to the multiplication in the XML file!