Garage - Vehicle Type

Dear Dev, is it possible to have the vehicle image change based on the option I select? I mean, if I select sedan, the simulating vehicle must show as sedan and if I select SUV, the vehicle can show bug as an SUV. I know this is just a cosmetic change but will look much better. Thanks

Long time ago when we first created the Garage, the idea was that you could upload your own 3D model into the garage. We had to drop this feature because there is so many 3D file formats and vehicle can be made into different scales etc. In addition, the animated parts would need to be named specifically and the color change requires a specific way to texture map the object. It was all just too much to make it work reliably. So, now we are stuck with the models that Garage offers :frowning:

Thanks :blush:

The conception of a “Garage” may be beautiful, but completely redundant.
I would prefer a simple menu in “Settings”.

This has been discussed earlier and Garage is not going anywhere. We rather use our limited resources on something else.