Gauge Tester

I think it would be a cool feature if you could go into a Gauge Test Menu, and say set the speed to 100kph, fuel to 50%, RPM to 2500rpm, and other variables manually to insure that during use, the dash will read properly. Many times I’ve had to edit on the fly because I set the wrong amounts for warning and critical, and I had to edit them while in the car (I don’t drive, I use my phone on GPS). I think it would be nice to have that as it would save headaches, and make sure you didn’t screw anything up.

Variables I think would be nice to be able to test: RPM, Speed (GPS, or otherwise), Device Battery Reading, Fuel, Temperature, Battery Voltage, and maybe a few others.

I got the idea from watching a video where a guy turned a knob, and he could calibrate where the needles were on a real dashboard, if only we could “turn some knobs” to calibrate our dashes!!

(Sorry if I didn’t make sense, I’m not good at explaining things… Ask and I’ll explain if needed).

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. Adjusting the RPM, or other values that come (usually) directly from ECU does not make sense, since if they show wrong values there is something wrong in ECU setup.

And as for adjusting warning and critical levels of individual gauges, I don’t understand how you would do that on the fly.

Sorry, I just don’t get it :frowning:


I mean if there was a way, sort of like the “Simulation” setting, that you can make it so that you can define input levels. Instead of “GPS Speed” going from 0-100 and back again, you could open a menu and set it to “60kph” so, for example, if you have something set to trigger ONLY at 60kph, with simulation it would fly past 60, and you would have trouble seeing if you programmed the thing right. If you can “fake” the values so you can make sure gauges line up, things display correct, and it’s ready, it would make it easier

Example: I have 3 lamps, I want one to go on at 30kph, one at 60kph to 70kph, and one at 100kph speed values, instead of trying to guess with watching the simulation going up and down, you can set the speed manually to see if it will turn on properly at your defined speed values

Again, sorry for explaining bad… it’s a part of my inability to make proper sentences and punctuation… I have Telegram and Discord if you want to chat with me 1on1 if you still don’t understand…

While designing your dash, you can temporarily switch the input to static value from ‘Input & Values’. That is how we set up and final tweak the levels in design phase.

I am so silly, I never thought of that…

Very sorry for all the confusion… keep up the amazing work!

(Quick side question, is there a way to view upcoming features in beta testing atm? Sorry if off topic, I have to get off phone asap, and have bad memory)

You can enroll into Beta program in Play store. There you will get a next release about 1 week before public release.

Awesome, ty