Gauge text Flashing

When a text gauge is chosen by the “Set gauge text” action, the text is flashing while the trigger is active.
When the chosen one is a Button, the text is ok.


Probably your trigger is fired every frame and that causes the flickering. Consider using cooldown or trigger reset parameter to prevent it firing all the time.

I tried to use the cooldown or trigger reset, it didn’t work,

  • with cooldown it flashes at the configured time
    -with trigger reset, blinks once and disappears after the trigger is activated.

Thank you for the info. I found this problem, will be fixed to next release.

Thanks, it got better.
But when you have a date selected in the text gauge, it still flashes.

Why do you set the text with trigger if its linked to date?

Edit: I made some tests and if you have linked the text gauge to date, it will flash when you set another text to it using trigger as system is updating the date text on the background. I don’t see any way around this.

I would like to assign a word when the value reaches a certain value.

Take action through global triggers. When changing the date, make a notification with the desired text.