Gear calculation and Reverse Light

After the last firmware update from Speeduino and Realdash, I have the following problem. Speeduino has the option of sending data of the gear shift that the vehicle is based on calculation, it also sends the speed by VSS, what happens is that the calculation is inaccurate. The calculation that Realdash does is much more accurate, I prefer the calculation of Realdash, but Realdash is disregarding the configuration for calculation in UNITS & VALUES> INPUT MAPPING> GEAR is set from GEAR (MASTER SPEED, RPM, GEAR RATIO) and REVERSE LIGHT does not use the information from the REALDASH CAN protocol and is using information from Speeduino. Even the reverse light, stopped working through the Realdash Can protocol, which I use with an Arduino Mega, only works if I disconnect the Speeduino. Is there an option to include some configuration that we select an information and it disregards all the others received, to avoid conflict between the calculation of Realdash and the information sent by Speeduino? I just wanted to use Speeduino’s VSS and disregard everything else related to gear shifting. Thanks

I will take a look if values from Speeduino is forced and why.

The data overlay continues in 1.8.1 beta, for example, I cannot use speed by gps, as it receives speed from speeduino and conflicts.

Change the speed source in ‘Settings->Units & Values’ to ‘GPS Speed’

Exactly what I did, but he keeps fighting with the speed sent by Speeduino. When I am stopped, the marker shows N, when I put the gear in reverse, R appears briefly and soon afterwards N appears again. Because of Realdash do not discard the speeduino information when choosing another data source.

I think its not the speed that is fighting, but the current gear info coming from the Speeduino. I will change that in a way that Speeduino Gear is set to a custom value that can be mapped to ‘Body Electronics->Gear’, instead of writing it directly to that input.

It was already mapped, but it is disregarding the mapping.

1.8.1-BETA2 has been uploaded to the store. It no longer writes the gear from Speeduino directly to body electronics->gear.

Works fine now! Thanks