Gear indicator Honda with Link ECU


I can’t get the gear indicator to work on my Honda Civic with a Link G4x PnP ecu. I set the gear ratios and the wheel settings but nothing seems to work, the indicator always shows “N”. Am I doing something wrong? I am using GPS speed as my speed source. Anybody have experience setting this up?

Assuming you are getting the engine RPM from the ECU, which is required for calculating the gear. Link also sends a current gear value in its data stream, that could override the calculated value. Check how your Gear input is mapped in ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’

right now gear is set from gear(gear ratio, RPM, speed), the calculated value. i forgot to mention my civic is from 97 and I’m not sure Link sends a gear value or do I need to add something to the xml file?

You can check if Link is sending the Gear by adding a text gauge and link it to ‘ECU Specific->Link: Gear’ to see the raw value coming from ECU.