Gear Input and Drive Mode

Currently using a Link G4+ Fury in combination with an HTG GCU transmission controller. While I’m getting my basic gears 1-8 to display I’m unable to find a way to display R, D, and Neutral. Link Registers these signals just fine and displays them accordingly on my laptop, Realdash simply displays 8 for Neutral and Reverse, while Drive (non-manual mode) displays the current gear. An added bonus would be a way to configure Realdash to display “M” for Manual mode.

Current the Output Values from the HTG to Link. While I can assume these are directly passed through to Realdash via Seedstudio adapter (CAN)
Neutral = 11
1= 1
2= 2
3= 3
4= 4
5= 5
6= 6
7= 7
8= 8

Not sure which end to start on but seeing as my Link registers the signal just fine I opt’d to start here.

please try enum

or tgiggers

Is it possible to simply replace the Target ID 200 line in the “displaylink” call out for “gear” with as follows?

Apologies this is a new venture entirely for me.

You should be able to map your custom value to ‘Gear’ in Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping.

While this does allow a numerical value to be displayed it only shows a numerical value and not the desired “position” such as P,N,D. Is it possible from the app side to edit this? Any attempt to update/change the xml file leads to a corrupted error on my end.

Well, don’t know why it corrupts. Try to use an editor that visually shows any structural errors in your XML file.

Good call on the visual check! Enum also did the trick. Thanks guys!

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