Gear Position/Current Gear

I’m currently using the CANBus RealDash preset on the Link side of things and then I have the “Gear Input” on Realdash set to “Specific ECU Input” → “Gear Shifter Position.” Now in PCLink (Link’s Ecu Software) I can see all gear position inputs correctly as 1-7, although on the Realdash side I’m only seeing “R” no matter what gear I might have the car in. Iirc there was a second gear input option listed in Specific ECU input that yielded the same result of only showing “R”.

I’m using Gear(Transmission) because I couldn’t get Gear value as well
But I needed to edit targetID 200 to 139 for gear in xml file.
I’m not sure it’s right way.

I’m assuming you’re using the Dash2Pro preset Adam on Link suggests?

Appreciate this I’ll give it a shot!