Gear ratios two final drive ratios

When entering the gear ratio to calculate current gear, how do you account for different final drive ratios; this is what I have:

I have tried calculating 5th and 6th using the final drive ratio of 4.063 ie 0.943 x 2.955 / 4.063, but 5th and 6th doesn’t work on the display.

Anyone able to help?

Use the Overall ratio for gears and set the Final Drive Ratio to 1.0

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Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll give that a try and report back

So have run the car for a bit now to see the results, I added the calculated gear ratio to my dash as well, what I see is 1-5 if fine, 5th reports ratio 3.3 but so does 6th hence the display never shows 6th gear?

Your list shows 2.787 overall ratio for 6th gear. Try to enter that one.

I have those values already set in the gear ratio table

Then this is the part that I do not understand.

Ok, so I have on the dash the gauge “current gear ratio” and while driving I see the gauge update and show the correct values as I change gear, but when I shift from 5th (ratio 3.3) to 6th the “current gear ratio” still shows 3.3. So I’m trying to work out why it’s not changing as I think it’s the reason why “Gear (master speed, RPM, Gear Ratio” doesn’t then show I’m in 6th

Ok, the ‘Current Gear Ratio’ is shown by current gear. So its another way around; if gear never goes to 6th, the 6th gear ratio is not displayed.

Why gear does not go to sixth, I do not know. Maybe 6th gear ratio is actually shorter than 2.787. As gear algorithm attempts to find closest match from the ratios to choose the current gear, you could try something like 3.0 for the 6th gear.

If you are able to manually select the gear, maybe you could try the ‘Calibrate Gears’ option in Garage gear settings?

Right, got ya, so I tried using 3.0 as the 6th gear ratio and Boom! It worked thanks for the help as always!

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