Gear Ratios VW Golf

Has anybody successfully configured gear ratios for a 2.0 TSI VW 6 Speed?

I’ve tried loads of combinations


This gearbox probably has two final ratios so gears must be entered by calculating the ratios per gear with final ratio and setting final ratio to 1.0

Do you have a source to see your gearbox ratios?

I don’t :frowning: I have had a brief look online to no avail

What year is your car?

Good Morning

it’s 2008 2.0 TSI VW EOS (But it’s the Golf GTI engine, they are the same)

So I have set up:

Gear 1 = 2.870
Gear 2 = 1.890
Gear 3 = 1.280
Gear 4 = 1.000
Gear 5 = 0.640
Gear 6 = 0.500

Final Drive Ratio 3.550

The rest set to 0

It almost works, everything is a gear behind.

For example 1st and 2nd say = Gear 1

3rd says Gear 2
4th says Gear 3
5th says gear 4
6th says gear 5

Any ideas?

Hope this helps

To be able to calculate the correct ratios, you need to know what gear ratios your transmission has. For example:

There you can see in page 5 that VAG 6-speed transmissions have 2 different drive pinion sets and each gear has calculated overall ratio which comes from gear ratio * drive pinion set ratio.

In RealDash, enter the ‘Overall Ratio’ into each gear (set unused gears to 0.0), and set the final ratio to 1.0

Note that document that I linked may not match the ratios of your vehicle. You need to find some documentation about your actual transmission.

So I found this

I set the figures according to this, it’s almost right except 4th is 5th and 5th is 6th so I am nearly there.

Will keep searching