Gears Not Displaying Correctly

The car I drive is a Mustang 5.0 automatic. When the car is turned on and at rest, the gear shows as ‘N’ which is fine. When you start moving, the gear changes to ‘1’ as expected, however if I use the paddles to shift to the second gear, it still shows as ‘1’, if I select the 3rd gear, the gear shows as ‘2’, if I shift to 4th it shows ‘3’ - this is the same for every gear up to sixth.

This is repeatable every time, so either there is an issue with the reporting from the car of there’s something not quite right with RealDash. Can you advsie.

As gear is a vehicle specific value, not part of SAE standard, with OBD2 connection, Gear is calculated per speed and your vehicle gear ratios:

  • Go to RealDash ‘Settings->Units & Values’ and set Vehicle speed source as ‘ECU Speed Sensor’
  • Go to Garage, open vehicle door and tap gear shifter
  • Enter your vehicle gear ratios. Use 0 on unused gears.
  • Tap vehicle tire and set your vehicle tire size (driving wheel).

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

Hi, I did try the same.

Have entered my Gear Ratio into the App, Updated my Tire size etc.

Typically my Gear is remaining N until i switch the third gear. After that the Gear indicator changes to 2, and there after, it remains as Actual Gear - 1.

  1. Can you explain the formula behind the calculation?
  2. Is there a way to incorporate Engine Load into the equation? This will be helpful to identify Neutral Gear on Manual gearboxes.

Just as an update, i think the gear ratios I had were wrong.

Applying knowledge, let’s try to convert the RPMs to KmPHs etc, and connect the dots.

  1. your master speed / RPM is revolutions per minute, so we need to convert that to the baseline of hours, so multiply it by 60. that would give how many times your engine will spin in one hour. let’s take 2000RPM as a base, so 2000*60 will be RPH.
  2. now your gearbox will convert that speed via gears to a lower speed, to gain torque. so 120000 RPH / GearRatio = Rotations per Hour on the wheels. so for now let’s assume the total gear ratio is X and is equal to 1 for now. so 120000 / 1 = 120000 RPH on the wheel.
  3. We have the size of the wheel, in my case its 195 65 R15 = and the diameter is 635mm. Hence the circumference of the wheel is roughly 1995 (2pir). that means every time the wheel makes a full turn, 1995mm are crossed.
  4. wheel rph * wheel circumference = speed of the vehicle, so 120000 * 1995 = 239’382’300 mm per hour, or 239.3kmph
  5. however, the total gear ratio X is not 1. so basically, for each gear, you can take it up to 2000RPM and see what the speed is, and based on that and the size of the wheel you can deduce the total gear ratio. in my case, the speeds at 2000RPM were 1gear - 16kmph, 2gear - 27kmph, 3rd gear - 38kmph, 4th - 52kmph etc… I assumed that the final gear ratio in my car is 3.722, and the gear ratio for each gear is 4.01, 2.38, 1.73, 1.23 etc. Note that you can also assume that the final gear ratio is 1, and assign the deduced X to each gear ratio.

Now with these calculations, I will go to my car to change the values, and see if it will improve the accuracy.

BTW, i just understood this today, and might be completely wrong, so do correct me if I am wrong

On the other note, @realdashdev, i’ve noticed that on manual transmission, the current gear calculation is not reliable even with the correct ratio. cases where its not accurate is when you are in neutral and just riding by inertia (towards the stoplight). Is there a way to take that into account? I’m thinking to add the Engine load into the equation. Is that doable?

Not reliably without reading neutral safety switch. No matter how’d you try to calculate when you are in neutral, it won’t be correct on all cases.

Thanks, I’ll try to implement something using the global triggers. And if something works out I’ll share, for a more convenient impl.

That said, imho any “unreliable” solution will be better, because as you glide on N and your speed reduces, the Gear indicator jumps to max, and then slowly goes down as your speed goes down (RPMs are the same idle, and speed is reducing)

Irrespective of the above, seems to be another issue with Gear.

When I start moving it stops registering the 1st gear, and then jumps to the second when I shift.

I’ll share the video link when upload finishes

@realdashdev HYG the video 20230125_122736.mp4 - Google Drive

I see. Could you share your gear ratios, final drive ratio, and tire size that are currently set into the garage. With those I can simulate same setup locally.

Couple of other things to check:

  • Check input mapping on Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping that gear is set only from Gear Calculated.
  • Check that you are not using actions that set Body Electronics->Neutral Safety Switch. If that value is non-zero, the ‘N’ is displayed regardless of speed and RPM.

Sure, the ratio is as per below:

Tire size:

Confirm, that the settings above are all good. Again, I do see all the gears showing ok, except for the 1st gear.

Hi @realdashdev,

I’ve installed hall sensor on the manual gearbox, and it tells me when the gear is in neutral. I am digitizing this and sending as part of RealDash Can digital Data. I’ve done the same for Reverse Gear, by setting the value for Reverse Lights, and “Gear Calculated” took care of that.

Now the question: Is there a Variable I can set, that would be taken into account in Gear Calculated.

What I would suggest is:

  1. Check if it’s neutral - if yes, gear is neutral, skip calculation.
  2. Check if Reverse Light is on, if yes, then Gear is R, skip calcs.
  3. In all other cases, calculate using gear ratio rpm speed etc…
    What do you think?

This is already there, if ‘Neutral Safety Switch’ input is non-zero, the ‘N’ is displayed. Also if ‘Reverse Lights’ input is non-zero, the ‘R’ is displayed.

Is it not working for you? Double check that inputs are really set. Add couple of text gauges and link to those inputs to see that values actually change.

Lovely. I did use the Reverse Light for R, but did not know of Neutral Safetly Switch.
Thanks a ton, will test it out tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Small update, i’ve been paying close attention to the 1st gear since implementing the R rear gear via reverse lights. For now I dont seem to witness the 1st gear not working. Its just a bit slow to switch. I will monitor closely and update if it was a false alarm or fixed in 2.2.1

Thanks @realdashdev for the help. The Neutral is also working like a charm, so is the Reverse. The only minor issue is that when you are switching gears since the clutch is not fully released, the RPM would be slightly higher, and as per the speed, the gear is calculated slightly wrong. Is there a way to set up a slight delay for the Neutral Switch, for 500ms or 1000ms?

Sure, will put that into next version.

:pray:Thanks you!

Hi @realdashdev,

I’ve seen in the latest release notes that this has been released. Would you kindly clarify what is the delay, or is it configurable?