Getting started with dashboard animations

Dashboard animations are created by scripting the animation into a XML file. There is no animation editor in RealDash. This is mainly because it would complicate the editing user interface and for most it is complicate enough as it is now.

We have prepared two examples into RealDash extras GitHub project:

Project contains a simple example dashboard with animation file, and more complicated ‘Multiview’ dashboard which is also available for free from RealDash gallery.


Is it possible to have logical operations in trigger name e.g. AND OR? In short, having two or more conditions on trigger name?

Name of the trigger can be pretty much anything you write into it.

Also, triggers can use AND and OR operations, just click ‘ADD AND’ or ‘ADD OR’ when editing a trigger.

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Trigger name=“1st Gear” condition=“equal” variable=“Dummy 40” tolerance=“1.00” reset=“1.00” cooldown=“0.0” ADD AND condition=“equal” variable=“Dummy 16” tolerance=“0.00” reset=“0.00” cooldown=“0.0”

Like this? Actually this is for animation xml file, not on the app

No, unfortunately the AND and OR conditions are not supported when scripting animations with XML.

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Ok. Thank you. Now I know.