Global Actions


If I put Launch app action for Realdash with package name as com.napko.RealDash why is RD not opening up from background? For example when my rear camera app is in foreground!

Is the R and D in caps in the package name correct because I only see small letters in every other package name.

Also, if I have 2 actions to be triggered based on some condition:

e.g. all these are actions that are configured with respective package names and lets say Rear cam app is in foreground:

Condition is : Gear = 0 AND RPM > 750 AND Coolant temp > 50


Realdash launch - this is not launching correctly
Rearcam minimise - this is not minimising when it is in foreground.

Actually, if RD launches correctly the 2nd action is redundant.

Where am I going wrong?

Similarly for minimising RD, I read in the forum that package name has to be left blank - Hope this is correct!

Pls help.

You don’t follow the forum attentively! This question was asked a couple of days ago, I’ll look now!

Restore app and Launch app actions are NOT bringing back RD from background.

I am not sure how to write value 2 to id 86. I don’t use any custom xml file. Would be good if you can help.

In fact launch app action was working till Oct 30th i.e. I was able to bring RD back from background when my Rearcam app was in foreground.

Jani, pls check whether any new version after that has affected this feature.

In version 1.8.3 - see this : * Android: Attempts to wake the screen when returning from background.

Has this change affected it? It doesn’t seem to return from background, while it was before this version.

Pls check and confirm.


Most triggers/actions do not run when RealDash is on the background. This is especially true if you use triggers that rely on calculated values, as they are not computed while in background. Only way to do this reliably is to keep the connection alive in background and respond to the data from the device as those are guaranteed to be handled while in background.

Connection is alive. Only app has switched from RD to my Rear cam app. I want to switch back to RD when Gear is > 0. Why is not responding to that data from the device and switching back?

It worked before the update, wonder what changed in 1.8.3. Kindly see if it can be reversed.

Is RealDash alive and well in a background if you restore it manually? Or has it crashed while in background and will restart when attempt to restore manually?

Yes, it is alive. I can even see the Bluetooth obd adapter lights blinking when it is in background. It comes back immediately when I switch back from recent apps.

Any idea how to solve this, Jani!

I don’t know how it has worked for you before, but as I said, RealDash does not process the triggers while its on the background. So its impossible that it has never worked with launch app action triggered by a associated trigger.