Global trigger and Actions repeating

When installing Realdash, repeated global triggers and actions appeared.
A lot has appeared and it is difficult to remove manually.


What do you mean by ‘appeared’? By themselves, or are they something that you have added?

By themselves.

appeared after installing. Deletes all data from Realdash and I reinstated there they disappeared. It seems to be something with the profile of the garage, since each exported profile is recorded the trigger and actions, and then when the import of each one is repeated the global T A.

Ok, thanks. I will take a look.

Edit: Is this still happening for you? I tried to export/import settings multiple times and global triggers and actions are working as expected within import/export.

It doesn’t happen anymore, thanks

It happened again, on my other cell phone


Could you send me your profile file for testing?

Happening to me too when combining .rd files. App should add only unique triggers and actions.

When combining dashes and both dashboards have triggers and actions with same names, which ones should be preserved?

Good question. If you don’t know the date when the trigger was created, then the triggers and actions which are present in the dashboard from where you are combining another .rd file should be preserved. This could applyu for both local and global triggers. That’s my view.

Now that I have plenty of repeating triggers (mostly local), can you please give an option to delete mutiple triggers/actions at a time by selecting many, rather than one by one.

Another related point…when we combine another .rd file, can it be scaled to the zoom level at which the current dashboard is at? For example, my current .rd file zoom is at 1.73 to look good on my 10" tablet. But, if I import your default .rd file it will be blown out of proportion because it is originally scaled for 1.0 zoom. Whereas it will be good if this file can load exactly as per the current dashboard i.e. 1.73 zoom.


This last time I had not done any import, I think it occurred after updating a beta version.
I had to reinstall Realdash, I ended up not saving the profile. I redid the triggers and the action again. After that it didn’t happen again. I’ll keep watching if it happens again.

Brava.xml (8.3 KB)

It happened again on my devices,
It happened when:

  • I exported the garage profile.
  • I added a new one.
  • I imported the profile file.
  • renamed profile


Ok, I will test this sequence.

No matter what I do, I just cannot reproduce this on any of my devices. Very odd.

I found something that may have caused this problem. Fix is currently in 1.9.1-BETA. Let me know if you encounter this with 1.9.1 or newer version.