Global Trigger

When I add a global trigger and try to set a condition, the app restarts and I cannot complete the setup.
Android12 Realdash ver.2.2.2

Thanks for reporting, will check.

Edit: With quick test I cannot reproduce this on my development computer. Could you export your settings in the garage and send the file to

The reason I’m asking is that you may have a global trigger that is causing the crash.

I’ve sent.

Does this problem still occur on version 2.2.3?

Yes, still It does.
I tried to check this with other Android, the result was same on 2.2.3.

I found this and send you a test version link over email.

Problem was related to new keyboard triggers system that caused an UI change. We forgot to update the UI for small screens and crash occurred while accessing non-existing UI element.

I’ve installed that and have touched.
It seams prety nice, I’ve not got crash no more.

Thanks for testing. You can continue to use pre-release until 2.2.4 release.

Please! Give me a link to Prerel224. The same problem with global triggers((


Same link as with previous pre-releases.