Gm can xml from git hub

In the gm can xml, there is a section that is called GM can shifter pe POS+ GEAR. In this section it has a bunch of enums but also up and down arrows. When I apply this to my real dash it works as expected but there is something causing the up and down arrow text to become enlarged and then it goes back to the normal size. What is causing the text to become enlarged?

I can assume that the movement animation given in the xml file can move and increase objects, such as text, and all the rest too.
It’s an interesting way.
It helps to deceive the eye and create a three-dimensional effect on the skin.

There’s movement animation within the xmlfile?
What would that look like?
Could you help me find it because I’m not seeing it

There is no Animations in CAN XML file.

Are your arrows displayed in text gauge?

Yes they are. I see the icon in the xml that caused the arrows.
Is it possible to show the arrows without having the text enlarge?

I would need to see that in action to better understand what is happening, but it could be font specific. Some fonts may have these special characters appear in different size than regular characters.

As you can see from the YouTube video that anytime I up shift or downshift the gear text becomes enlarged and shows an arrow I would love for it to show the arrow but not enlarge the text

Ok, I see. Problem here is that there is no arrow characters on the font that is used on New Boss on the Block dashboard. As soon as RealDash notices that it should draw text but characters are missing from the font, it reverts to the default font which has comprehensive set of characters, including Chinese etc. But the default font is much wider than the very narrow font used on New Boss on the Block dash.

Many of the free fonts are like that, they basically just have bare minimum set of characters.

So there’s no way to modify what’s there?

There is always a way. In this case you would need to find another font that has those arrow characters and replace the font in dash file.