GPIO / XML, absolutely beginner questions

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to set up RD on the Rock5b.
The Rock 5b is running Armbian_23.5.0-trunk.181_Rock-5b_bookworm_legacy_5.10.110_xfce_desktop.img.xz.

Since I have a vehicle without CAN, like many others, I am faced with the question of how to get my control lights in RD…

I would like to use the GPIO`s from the Rock 5b for this.
Can someone explain to me how I can activate this including pullup and use it for RD?

Where and at what point does the XML file from RD come into play? I don’t understand the connection here.

Assuming the GPIOs were activated - what’s next?

Do you need an additional script so that RD knows which GPIO trigger data is coming from, or does the XML file already do it all?

Is the XML file already created during the RD installation (where can I find it or in which directory does it belong?), or does it have to be created manually?

I would be happy about explanatory information!

We have only tested the GPIO with Raspberry Pi and therefore do not know if it will work with other SBC:s.

On the other hand, the its not easy to read 12 volt signals with 3.3/5V GPIO, so you would need additional hardware to do that anyways.

GPIO do not need any XML file as inputs are built-in into RealDash.

Hello realdashdev,

Thanks for the info - I’m starting to get a few things a little clearer…

I already suspected that I would need additional hardware for level shifting on the GPIOs (e.g. optocoupler / voltage divider)…

The GPIOs on the Rock 5 b are compatible with Raspberry Pi in terms of assignment.
The control lights in the car (no CAN) should of course also be displayed in RealDash.

  • Does that mean, if I understood it correctly, only to activate the GPIO’s on the Rock 5b?

  • Where and how do I then assign my blink indicators in Realdash, for example?

  • How can I activate the GPIO`s on the Rock 5b - do they have built-in pullups?

  • Do I only need the channel description file if I want to pass on analog signals to RD via Arduino (such as rpm, speed, pressure, temperature, fuel etc)?

The car also has OBD II - unfortunately only very few data that are of interest to me are output here.

I would be very happy if someone would give me the crucial information!

GPIO is enabled (if supported) by default, no need to configure anything.

Use ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’ to map the GPIO digital inputs to Turn Signal indicators.

Internal pull-ups are enabled by RealDash if Digital inputs are in use.

If you use ‘RealDash CAN’ protocol to transmit data from Arduino device to RealDash, you will need to write a corresponding XML file that describes the incoming data.