GPS + Arduino Module Help

Hello, excuse my translation, is there a possibility of uploading an arduino example to incorporate a GPS module?
I have modified the arduino code and XML file but can’t get an exact GPS reading …

I thank whoever can help me, no matter the language.

And thanks to the developer of this app, it’s amazing …


You can send GPS coordinated over RealDash CAN if you wish. I would recommend that you use entire 8 byte frame for latitude and longitude for precision, for example:

<frame id="3200">
  <value targetId="22" offset="0" length="8" signed="true" conversion="V/100000"></value>
<frame id="3201">
  <value targetId="23" offset="0" length="8" signed="true" conversion="V/100000"></value>

Target IDs 22 and 23 map into GPS latitude and longitude. In your code, take your GPS coordinates and multiply by 100000 and convert result to signed 64bit integer and set that into a CAN frame.

The value 100000 here gives you 6 decimals of precision, you can experiment with larger/smaller value if needed.

If you send GPS coordinates over the RealDash CAN, it may be a good idea to disable internal GPS from settings to prevent value fighting with it.

Just use USB to TTL converter with Ublox GPS. Nothing more

Thank you, I was on the right track! I didn’t do a good conversion and I was using 4bytes for latitude and 4bytes for longitude (I was guiding myself by an example that the developer put in another forum post) this week I try again.

I thought about using a TTL but I don’t want to use a HUB device, since I use an Android tablet and I want to avoid battery consumption (in standby mode the tablet with Arduino connected can last up to a week)

And another fact is that the GPS is Bluetooth, it is very old but it works perfectly (since my tablet does not have GPS). What I did was disassemble it and look for the TX line of the GPS and connect it directly to the arduino (so I can control its on and off and it avoided battery consumption of the tablet).

Via Bluetooth it would ask me to place the GPS key every so often and it is very annoying, that’s why I would like to use arduino with the GPS

Thank you.! Soon I will upload to the forum how is my project.

We wait!