GPS clock time zone

Would be nice to offset the GPS clock to your local time. Since my Dash does not have a regular internet connection the only option is to set the clock off of GPS and that sets it to UTC

Will put this to todo list. Have to find a proper location for this setting though.

All my test devices (Android) seem to return the GPS time already time zone corrected. Have you tried to adjust your time zone on Android settings?

I can try again but I can’t find a way for my system time to set from the GPS, I only have NTP server and I have no internet in the car. So in realdash I use GPS Time but that was UTC time zone. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough or something

In what kind of device you are running RealDash on? Very strange if it does not have battery backed clock in it.

Android TV box for example.

It is an android TV box and no battery clock resets when loss of power

Ok, got it. The setting to adjust GPS timezone will be in next release.


please also add - specal ID value for time from can/// now time zone value not add if i use for it dummu id

Again I have big trouble understanding what you mean… You have to explain me step-by-step what you are trying to achieve.

currently, it is very inconvenient to edit the Time Zone in cases when I take the time from CAN. I think we need a separate variable ID. using GPS is an additional cost of money.

in my example = add time zone + 3.00 -