GPS query, Avg fuel concumption and few others

Hi Jani,

I have a few clarifications:

  • Even though my GPS/Location in Android tablet is on, every time I start RD, it asks whether to enable GPS or not. How to prevent this pop up? I have given permission to use GPS whenever RD app is being used. I am not able to see an Always allow option in Android settings.

  • In Inputs->value mapping section only 24 line items are possible is it? If I try to add a new one it’s not getting added? Also, how to know what is the correct mapping for each item. For e.g. for trip meter A & B I have set Average Fuel consumption (Calculated) but it is not very accurate.

  • I have tried tweaking the fuel consumption correction factor in Garage but that also needs to be corrected based on average speed, e.g. in highway drive I have to set it at 0.32 and in city driving conditions I have to keep it around 0.28 to get the fuel consumption closer to actual readings but not very accurate? What is the best way to get the fuel consumption correct? I am using BT dongle for OBD II connection.

  • Calculated Range is also not accurate because Fuel consumption is not accurate. Any changes to be done regarding Drag coefficient or Rolling resistance or Mechanical Efficiency?

  • Is there a RD video that explains each setting and the way to apply them?

Would appreciate if you can respond to each of the above queries.

Thanks in advance!

I have heard that some Android devices do ask permission each time. I think its a bug on certain OS versions. I remember hearing that allowing Google to track your location at all times may remove this query.

There is no limit on amount of input mappings. Just verified with adding over 30 mappings there. As for your specific vehicles fuel consumption, these are next to impossible to troubleshoot remotely, especially with OBD2 connection.

Yes, range depends on average fuel consumption, so that needs to be correct before range can.

We have only couple of very old videos available here:

Currently we have no plans to produce any more tutorial videos.

Then perhaps I don’t know how to use it. If I have to say RPM “IS SET FROM” RPM (Calculated) - how should I add this input mapping.

Pls explain the steps.

  • Go to ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’
  • Tap ‘Add’
  • Select ‘Engine/ECU inputs->RPM’ and tap ‘Select Input’
  • Select ‘Calculated Values->RPM (Calculated)’ and tap ‘Select Input’

Now you see ‘RPM IS SET FROM RPM (Calculated)’ on mapping list.

Thanks Jani, it worked.

But what is the purpose of this input mapping? Even before mapping RPM, my RPM was showing correctly. So when should we map something?

Many items there like High beam, Ignition, Parking brake, Reverse lights, etc etc are not showing up on the dashboard even though it’s mapped.

So wondering when it is useful?

If you have some sort of generic io device, you can map its inputs/outputs to others. For example, if you use Raspberry Pi, and want to read turn signal indicators, high beam etc on its GPIO, you can map those GPIO pins to corresponding inputs. Idea is that you can always use the same inputs on your dashboard files even if data actually comes from someplace else.


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