GPS Signal TargetId

@realdashdev is there any possibility of adding an on/off targetId to show confirmation of GPS signal; in the interim I am using GPS Heading > 0, but when heading is 0 it will move to off state. perhaps default GPS Heading of -1 when no signal present?

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The ‘Device Inputs->GPS Enabled’ does not work for you?

It works all the time, including in the underground car park :slight_smile:

Ok, I will check this.

Instead of introducing new input, I will rename ‘GPS Enabled’ to ‘GPS Connected’ and make it active only when there is location info coming in from the GPS.

Thanks @realdashdev this would have greater utility

@realdashdev I see the targetID has been changed in the online manual web area, but the targetId in the recent RealDash update still says GPS Enabled, assume this missed the update?