GPS signal

I have a problem with external GPS; the gps works normally but when it loses the signal (example tunnel) the Realdash software closes

Realdash software is installed on windows system. At the same time I can read external illuminance sensor, car speed from OBD2 and GPS at 10 Hz. The gps now also works with GLONASS activated; the coordinates are read correctly (about 12 data/second) the speed of the gps is not instantaneous but is updated every 170 readings approximately. If the GPS signal is not present (beginning or during use) the software does not start or closes. I send a LOG to the developers. The file is about 60kb and has several starts with GPS without signal, then when the GPS has signal then the software starts. The software stops working when there is no signal (I think the cause is the same for the failed start).

Thanks for reporting. I will take a look at the logs.

Found the problem. There is a potential crash when device sends ‘empty’ data, which may happen in situation you described. Fix will be in next release.