Great system!


I must say I’m very happy that I came across RealDash. I’m working on a couple of projects that needs an interface in one way or another. I’ve been looking at making apps from scratch and other ways. RealDash seems to be the answer to my needs and it has the potential to reduce my time spent on creating an interface significantly.

I have been playing around with the interface and gauges a bit. There is a couple of questions that came to my mind:

  1. Is there a possibility to send custom values from RealDash? I want to have a configuation screen where I can set some parameters that is then sent on via the RealDash CAN to the MCU EEPROM.

  2. I would need 360 degrees rotation on some gauges to show compass and wind angle. Is this something that could be implemented?

  3. After playing around with the editor I realize its a very comprehensive system with a lot of settings. Are there people out there willing to design dashes for a donation?

Best regards

Sure, see our Arduino ‘two way’ example here:

Yes, make a needle gauge and go to Look’n Feel->Special->Angles and offsets and adjust the start and sweep angles accordingly.

Thank you!

When looking at the two way example, it looks like predefined values are sent when pressing a button. I would like to be able to type in an integer and send that off.

I played around with the Angles and offsets but could not achieve the desired behaviour. One thing, for example, is that when going from value 350 to 10, the needle should go the nearest way, not all the way “back” to 10, but rather overflow and go past 360 to 10. This requires modulo arithmetic, adding 180° before the modulo calculation and subtracting it again afterwards is a way to allow negative results. Something along the lines of this:

delta = (curr + 180 - prev) % 360 - 180;

I’m happy to help out with the calculations and testing if we could make this happen with RealDash.