Haltech IC-7 style hero dash page


Would anyone have something like this created?


Something that we could just choose what values we want to display on the left and right?


It’s a pretty simple layout that would not be difficult to replicate yourself.

You could start with one of the premium dashes that has a central RPM gauge similar to the Haltech and modify it to be more like the IC7 display.

Wow, this has consumed a lot of time.

I started with the 720 dash and removed the left and right side panes to add my own, which wasn’t too bad as it was just text.

Then I wanted to add shift lights like the Race dash, it’s a lot of leds.

Then I tried to make the tach as big as the tablet height.

I gave up trying to do a center tach and used the premium no bull race dash as my base.

Now to work out how to use a physical button to trigger next page.
Screenshot 2022-06-01 161257.png

I did 1:1 copy, everything works.

By chance, is this dash skin uploaded somewhere? I would like to use it or are you selling it

Hi there, yes, anywhere i could download that, i dont mind sending in some fee for your time and effort, i gave up trying to make my own… everything i need to see in a dash seems to be there…any help please…