Haltech oil and fuel pressure In-accurate

Hi, I’m having an issue with the oil and fuel pressure values

I managed to get the values to read fairly close to the haltech but it’s still a 3-8 psi off, and when at zero pressure, real dash reads 10psi.

What’s the best way to fix this ?

Thanks !

Did you make changes to connection XML for this? Please share your changes in order to analyze.

Yeh I did, I changed it from Kpa to psi and moved the decimal point in the equation from 0.1 to 0.01

But I believe Haltech sends pressure values in Kpa which is converted to Bar in XML:

      <value targetId="202" units="bar" offset="0" length="2" conversion="V*0.001"></value> <!-- fuel pressure -->
      <value targetId="151" units="bar" offset="2" length="2" conversion="V*0.001"></value> <!-- oil pressure -->

Conversion to bar allows user to use ‘Settings->Units & Values’ to change the display format of the pressure, as RealDash internally handles everything in metric units and units conversion is done at display phase.

Oh cool I’ll give that a shot thanks !

The gauges are still off. Is there any other way I can adjust the accuracy?

When you say “off”, what do you mean? What is the displayed value, and what should it display?

Comparing to the haltech, at 0psi real dash is at 14psi. At 40 psi real dash is at 45-50psi

This is what I have in my xml for the oil pressure with a Haltech.
Being that you are ~14psi or 1 bar I assume you need to add the -101.3

value targetId=“151” units=“Bar” offset=“2” length=“2” conversion=“((V/10)-101.3)/100” rangeMin=“0” rangeMax=“150”> <!-- Engine Oil Pressure –

I don’t know how to put up code but if you cut and paste the above you need to add the < in front of value and > at the end of the –



Thanks ! That fixed the issue!

Can you please share what your line of code looks like for wideband overall ?

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I don’t believe I used wideband overall as I only have the one wideband. this is the code I used:

This is the code for wideband overall, I’m not sure I’ve tested it, but I cant see why it wouldn’t work.

These are both displayed in Lambda, but you could change the conversion to show in AFR if you wanted to.


Actually, if RealDash reads Lambda from ECU it will automatically set the AFR inputs and vice versa.

Thanks everything is working as it should now !! Well worth the effort.

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