haltech - realdash please help :)

aussie here :smiley: so i have a 2000 ford au fairmont v8 it runs (ford protocol pwm j1850) i believe… my obd2 (usb) elm327 plugs in and will not connect to realdash what can i do ? i have also just wired in my haltech elite 750 ecu (piggybacking) and i also cant connect it with that either using usb serial cable both show up in real dash but just loop connecting ect any ideas suggestions greatly appreciated forscan dashboard ui is so yuk and haltechs is bland and boring haha… :slight_smile: close to pulling all my hair out also note i even tried wiring in a spare obd2 male to haltechs can out hi low etc same shows up but just loops wont connect i am maybe selecting the wrong source baud rate using windows 10 laptop etc new to realdash and this stuff but i am pretty knowledgeable in cars mechanical wiring etc and pcs coding a little … but yes please bless me with some goodness cheers guys

update just got it to connect to the cars obd by changing buad rate and when i run check runs through everything and finishes with no supported pids

any ideas>?

To my opinion you should forget the OBD2 and use direct CAN connection to your Haltech.

See supported CAN adapters here: