Haltech XML File

Hey guys,

Anyone have a updated XML file?

I am trying to read oil pressure and check engine light and it is not reading it on my way and I have it assigned to “Haltech Oil Pressure” as the data source.

In our Haltech XML there is no value ‘Haltech: Oil Pressure’. The engine oil pressure seems to come directly to RealDash engine oil pressure input from CAN frame 0x361.

@realdashdev Hi dev,
Regarding Haltech XML file.

Do you know why I had to tweak the oil pressure and fuel pressure conversion as seen below? I had to divide by 100 rather then 10. Even then it is still slightly off by a couple off PSI (but that could be for other reasons. Only thing I can think of is that these readings in my ECU are done by after market analog voltage sensors… Other than that all other readings are perfect.

Thank you for your efforts.

Not sure, but I think there is something in Haltech software that allows you to change scale of these values depending what is the source of the data.