Hansshow Tesla (Linux)

Hello i got this screen its called Hansshow 9 inch display it has an Linux operating system any one can help me with it installing it through a windows laptop to the screen its got an Type - c port on the screen

I’m not familiar with that device, but I doubt it will be capable of running RealDash.

The Question is how to connect real dash through linux im not an pro with linux if it was an android system i would’ve done that if you can help me

its kernel something like that how do i access it and install realdash on it what do i need to access the file manager and install realdash any guide

If it is a Debian based system and you have access to terminal, you can try these instructions:

Linux version info and install instructions - General / General RealDash discussion - RealDash Forum

The issue is i dont have linux experience tbh with you id rather do it in windows or android

As said, I’m not familiar with that device so I’m unable to help any further :frowning:

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