Haptic Feedback on Button Press

It would be nice if buttons provided haptic feedback when pressed, particularly when driving.

I’m using RealDash to control the car’s A/C and various settings. It’s not always obvious that you’ve pressed a button so the haptic feedback would improve the usability of RealDash for input.

In RD it is possible to make a vibration action by touching the button.

The vibrate action is not haptic feedback. This should be the same as when you press keyboard buttons while typing on a mobile device. The vibrate action is too long and strong to be usable as haptic feedback.

This should likely just be enabled by a checkbox in the look and feel for a button.

Also an easily enabled button press sound would be a nice add.

It would also be good to make the haptic feedback globally configurable as well. For instance - in GBoard you’re able to choose the length of vibration in ms and set the sound.

Adding sound is quite simple, create an Action to playback a sound and attach that to your button.

That requires you to upload a file, though, and can’t use the standard Android system sounds.