Hardware to run realdash

I have performed a installation of realdash in my car using a windows 10pc HDMI stick connected to a display. My question is, what is being used by other members or what is the best approach. Currently it takes 1 min for my system to boot up Everytime cause windows has to start and launch the program and I have stripped windows 10 all that I can.

I’d like to hear what realdash uses for their installations or what other users are using. I don’t have the room to run a tablet, and I am running a custom narrow 12.3" screen.

Interesting. I was recommended a Khadas VIM 3 (Basic or Pro Version - https://www.khadas.com/product-page/vim3) which runs Android Pie 9.0

I have however (and others failed to mention it) hit a HUGE problem, at least in my opinion, in that the VIM 3 does not currently support any USB GPS Devices. Given how much RealDash uses GPS that’s a massive issue.

What Windows 10 HDMI “Stick” do you have?

The cold boot will take quite some time on any system. In almost every project we end up making the system in a way that the computer is never really shut down completely. Instead we wire the systems that we can sleep or hibernate the system when ignition is cut off to quickly restore it when ignition is turned back on.

As for the GPS, give a try to a 10hz Bluetooth GPS module. They work great.

Do you mean for the VIM3? Khadas have avoided my gps questions like mad!! They could’ve simply said use Bluetooth one instead of usb :expressionless:

Yes, I use this one with my 'Cuda:

Quantum access mini pc stick

I was wondering how to do that with a windows system and could not think of a way to create a signal to do that.

Do you guys use Android systems mostly? If so can you elaborate on the sleep/ hibernate command and how you command it with the ignition signal.

Thanks for the link to the Android device to!

Just bumping the thread, I would like to know the tricks for sending a signal to put it into sleep or hibernate. I’m assuming this is easier with the Android system.


We use Android or Linux for custom projects. For Android we build a rooted custom image from the source code to match the hardware and modify the source code on parts. Building your own Android is very complex topic and we just do not have resources to help on such project.

is it possible to get a build for Linux for testing? i would like to test realdash + u-boot.
the fact is that Android is not very good for a serious project that I am trying to implement … absolutely all android boards have problems with energy saving and falling asleep / waking up. this is the main problem for which I just can’t start selling my dashboards.
the only correct solution is u-boot. everything else is extremely unreliable and capricious.

We are working on something that would allow you to register full version outside of the stores and then we could distribute Linux, Windows and Android versions without any Google/store linkage. Unfortunately I cannot say when this would be complete, or any other details as of now.

This android head units be a interesting option for replace dash. (have GPS and don’t need to worrie about how to power up)
8.8 inch: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005001495658998.html?spm=a2g0o.store_home.0.0.100961fcRorL2l

10.25 inch https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005001495687287.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.74082e0eW3RbzY

This units boot fast and have a removable screen for easy adapt to dash.
Here some video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTHS75LV9Cc

Interesting device indeed. I ordered one for testing. Only downside I see on the specs is very low screen resolution of 1280*480.

I am very interested in this Linux version you speak of!


Use share gps apk to send your location using your phone to SBC.

I don’t think this is issue, I have 9 inch head unit with 1024 x 600 resolution and it’s fine.
Hero some pics, first is taken with phone, second is a screenshots from device and link to video (video don’t make justice in real live looks fine)

We hope many RealDashers are, but unfortunately I cannot give any more information at this point. Reason is that our development resources are very limited and things happen, so it may take a long time (or never) to complete.

I got mine today with 8.8 inch screen. Device seems to have plenty of processing power to run RealDash. I did notice one problem though. The text quality on RealDash is very poor for some reason. Will investigate that.


RealDash 1.9.1-beta1 has fix for the text quality for these 480p devices.

I been using a Joying 7" headunit . Just over a year now on speeduino. Connection was with USB to UART cable connected to USB OTG port. And works great. Picture quality during daylight is not an issue.