Head Unit Gauges

Hi RealDash Community,

I’m looking for advice on what hardware and CAN protocol I should be using to display gauges on a double din head unit. I want to show oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature and air fuel ratio.

I have a DIYPNP that I want to hard wire via CAN to RealDash. So no Bluetooth or Wifi.

However, I need to add a CAN IO board to add the extra oil temp and pressure sensors as I don’t have those sensor inputs on my engine loom.

So the connection would be something like ECU → CAN IO → Android SBC → Head Unit (via HDMI).

What CAN IO would be recommended? A Tiny IOx, Teensy board, Arduino, Android SBC CAN Shield?

Android SBC:
What’s the consensus on Android SBC’s? Tinkerboard? Vim3?

CAN BUS Protocol:
Would this setup be using the Megasquirt protocol? Or would it necessitate the RealDash CAN protocol because of the IO expansion board?

How do you wire everything to the Android SBC? Does it simply connect to the CAN analyzer USB? If I got a CAN shield for the SBC, would it remove the need for the CAN analyzer USB?

I think you should ask around in Megasquirt forums about what hardware they have used and interfaced with Megasquirt. I do not have experience on the ones you mention.

There probably never will be a ‘consensus’ as people like different things. I have used Asus Tinker Boards succesfully with custom Linux and custom Android.

Easiest would be to read everything thru CAN. Use the CAN-Serial adapter:

It is also possible to use Megasquirt serial protocol as your CAN IO box will send its info to Megasquirt thru CAN, those values can be mapped in Megasquirt ini-file to certain user parameters to be displayed in RealDash.

It is possible to use something else than our supported CAN adapters (like CAN shields). Then you need to write the software to read that and transmit the CAN frames to RealDash via RealDash CAN protocol.

Thanks for answering my questions. I have a better idea of what components I should focus on now.

Does the Seeedstudio CAN Analyzer work on Android? Or only the LDXN Technology model?

Can RealDash run without an internet connection if I only want to display engine sensor data?

Yes, Seeedstudio adapter works on Android and RealDash can be run offline. Naturally you won’t be able to download dashboards, show map and others, but sensor data from ECU/CAN works just fine without Internet connection.