Help connecting realdash to arduino nano

Good afternoon, I need help in the arduino nano sketch, you need to use analog inputs, thanks for earlier.

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Typically its very difficult to help on custom projects remotely, but I can try. What kind of assitance you’d need?

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Thank you for the answer, there is an arduino nano, I can’t use it, an analog arduino input, for the realdash dashboard, there may be an error in the sketch, maybe someone has a working sketch for realdash, thank you.

We have two example sketches, but they only show how to transmit CAN frames between Arduino and RealDash:

RealDash-extras/RealDash-CAN/Arduino-examples at master · janimm/RealDash-extras (


Hello, thanks for the help, I managed to connect, help me use all the digital and analog inputs on the minus side, there is a can in the sketch, is it possible to remove it?

I don’t think there is an actual CAN in our example sketches. They use RealDash CAN protocol to communicate between your device and RealDash. To remove, it means disabling the communication.

Tell me on arduino mega all pins don’t work, how can I do to turn on all 53 pins for input? Only 12 work.

Unable to offer help on custom hardware, too many unknowns.