Help! (Fuel Consumption)


The problem is that the Average Fuel Consumption meter gone crazy!

When i start the app and leave the safehouse, the AFC starts to rise (while i do not press anything) until it’s top limit. If i start to drive the car, it will eventually and slowly comes down, but if i stop on the road it immedeatly starts to rise again!

Now i have 2 ideas here:

  1. I’ve just bought a new TV with Wi-Fi connection (before this problem came, i had a normal flatscreen TV from 2012), and the TV’s connection makes the app crazy.
  2. Forza’s new update did this (?).

I just reinstalled the app for the 3rd time now, and still the same thing going on!

Please help before I go crazy too!

I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with your new TV. I will take a look.

Edit: If you just want to adjust the fuel consumption to minimum, go to the Garage, tap the vehicle name and set the Fuel Consumption correction factor to 0.1. I will change it to allow 0.0 for next release.