help turn signal

Hello there. First of all, I apologize for my bad English.
Realdash program has been very good. I bought an indicator. But I can’t make changes to realdash exampe xml file as I want. I am writing this code but the signals are not working.

I want to connect digital 4 and 5 pins. can you send code sample and arduino code for it? I downloaded the arduino example from github but the signals are not written. It would be great if you send an example in this regard.

Try this:

Sorry, it didn’t work. I could not introduce a pin in the Arduino. I am novice in arduino. I wrote realdas can example Do you have an example of introducing pin number to arduino?

The Arduino analog/digital pin numbers are dependent of your hardware and wiring. Its not possible to give a generic programming example of those.

problem solved. thank you your help.

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