help with animation

Help me figure out the animation. I’m trying to stretch the picture when I click on the button, and when I click again to get the original size of the picture. I tried many different options, but nothing worked out.
and why does the animation trigger after the second click on the button?
I’ll attach my test files
widget1.rd (34.6 KB)
widget1_anim.xml (609 Bytes)

In your anim XML, you are referring to action “morph-info”, and your animation name is called “info”.

I changed the names in different ways … the result is always the same …

For me, I just changed the morph-info into info in you XML and animation worked.

show me what you changed please

I changed the line:

<action name="morph-info"></action>


<action name="info"></action>

As your animation was named “info” in your XML file.

thanks i will try again
it still doesn’t work properly.
I need the picture to stretch on the first click, and return to its original size on the second click.

For that you need to specify two animations and two triggers. Currently you only have one in your XML.

sorry for the stupid question. how do i assign them to the same button?

You can make a toggle value action for the button. So value changes from 0 to 1 on first press, and 1 to 0 on second. Then configure the animation trigger to work in opposite way on second anímation.