help with canbus xml

need help figuring out how to make the canbus inputs work in realdash

canbus message for right turn siganl with id 0x318 00 00 54 00 00 00 00
for left turn signal id 0x318 00 00 51 00 00 00 00
for high beam id 0x318 00 00 70 00 00 00 00

tried different configurtation in the xml file with no luck

current non working xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

i can see thee canbus messages in the monitor in realdash so i know that it is receiving them

adapter used is seeed canbus to usb v8.00

sorry for bad english

What is the data of the frame 0x318 when all of the indicators are off?

It will just be zeros with all headlight off
50 with just the low beam and fog lights on
10 with just the low beams
55 with low beam fog lights and hazards on

Try this to get started:

<frame Id="0x318">
    <value targetId="160" units="bit" offset="2" length="1"></value> <!-- turn signal left -->
    <value targetId="161" units="bit" offset="2" length="1" conversion="V>>2"></value> <!-- turn signal right -->
    <value targetId="157" units="bit" offset="2" length="1" conversion="V>>5"></value> <!-- high beam -->

The left turn signal does not require any conversion as value is in the lowest bit of the byte and units=“bit”. Right turn signal is 0x54, so third bit in byte changes from 0x50, hence the conversion “V>>2” to move corresponding bit to the lowest when reading as a bit. Hope this works and will get you started.

If this file is for a common car, I’d appreciate if you share it when finished.

I have imported the canbus discerption file but still could not get the turn signal or high beam to turn on in the app made sure that the can monitor sees the bus and each of the elements are using the correct trigger( right turn signal is set to body electronics: right turn signal). I’m using windows 11 by the way.

Will try to get a video of everything once I got the time to help you with diagnosing it with me

will post the file once completed ( it is for A 2022 GAC GS5 but it should work with other models will test it on a 2020 GAC GS3 once completed also)

Sorry for the late reply
Just being busy doing other work